Wingnut Hyper 3.0 Hydration Pack
Peter Beers

Wingnut Hyper 3.0 Hydration Pack

It was long past time for me to buy a new hydration pack. I'd read a lot of good things about the Wingnut packs. They're designed to ride lower on your back. This lowers your center of gravity, lets your upper back cool itself when it is hot out and it reduces the strain on your shoulders. These are all very good things.

I've got three rides with the pack now and I absolutly love it. I sweat a lot and having my upper back completely open actually makes me feel pretty cool when I ride. My lower back still sweats a lot, but it did with my old pack too. The pack feels amazingly secoure on my back. Since it is wider and lower, it holds tightly on my hips without moving around at all. I don' thave to have to tighten all the straps way down in order to get the pack to stay put. Having them at a normal tension keeps the pack in place because it rests in the small of my back.

I'd read Wingnut's web site and compare the storage space with what you've got right now. I wanted a versitle pack that would let me carry a little or a lot of stuff. The Hyper 3.0 is perfect for that. I've got a 100oz camelback bladder in it right now (it does not come with a bladder) and my normal riding gear and the pack looks and feels like it is less than half full. There is a web of bungee cords on the back that take up all the slack. They do their job well. I could easily put an extra 70oz bladder in this for epic rides in the desert. There's plenty of room for a jacket and additional layers are easily lashed on the outside with the bungee cords. If you don't need a pack this big, you should look at other packs in their lineup.

There are lots of features that I love about this pack. I've already mentioned how low it sets on my back. It has small pockets (or wings) on each side at the bottom... one on each side are net pockets, the other two under the nets are zippered. These things ROCK. I can put stuff that I use often in these and I'm able to grab stuff without taking the pack off. I put food in the net pockets and I can grab them while I ride. My GPS fits on the other side in case I need to reference it for directions. I put normal tools and tubes in the zippered pockets and I don't have to take the pack off to fix a flat. That is very convenient.

The pack has a pocket on the shoulder strap that holds a gel flask. I'll use that on long rides. I got a cell phone pocket that Wingnut calls a "Micro XY" (a $14 option). It fits my phone perfectly and gives me a pocket for my car keys too.

This pack is fully waterproof. The photos below show the waterproof zippers.

I always think it is a good idea to have a safety wistle with you. Wingnut incorporates one into the chest buckle of the pack.

There are a few things that I don't like about the pack. It is quite expensive. The retail price is $110 and that does not include the $30 for a 100oz. Camelback bladder.

I'm an old boy scout and I don't like to have to hunt around for my buck knife. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and will be cool in the summer time, but it took me a while to rig a good way to attach my knife shieth to the pack. I finally got it, but it isn't as elegant as I've managed on other packs.

Their on-line ordering system is not confidence inspiring. The system gives NO feedback at all. I would suggest phoning your order in until they get this resolved. Nothing happened with my order until I called (about 2 1/2 weeks after ordering). I left a message on their voice mail and got a call back an hour later saying that my pack was being shipped that day. I could have probably saved myself 2 1/2 weeks by just phoning in the order to start with. Don't get me wrong, they're an awesome company that is making a great product here in the US. I'd just use the phone to order instead of their web site right now.

I'm only about 3.2% serious about this last complaint. I'm a pretty big guy. With the wing pockets on the side and the bulk of this pack sitting low on my back, it makes my butt look HUGE. ;)

This pack is a great choice for someone who does a lot of back country riding where you need to carry a lot of gear and do so in a comfortable way. It will be a great all-round pack for me because the bungees tighten everything up nicely, even when I'm not hauling a lot of gear.

All of the Wingnut packs are made in America in their New York facility. You can find their web site below:

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